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1. Order your video-based template above and any “Add Ons” you want. “Add Ons” are extras, like “24 Hour Rush Delivery” or “Full HD Quality”, which will enhance your video and buying experience.

2. After you place your order, you will need to fill out the “Video Data” form and provide us with the following information.

  • Text or image logo file (logo needs to be in .png, .psd or .ai format and transparent. If you do not have a transparent logo, then add it in the “Add Ons” section above in the order)
  • Website URL or subtext (optional). NOTE: Most videos include your website address and some might include additional subtext. This depends upon the specific requirements of the video and what is included in the video that you are ordering. This is stated clearly in the video detail sheet we send you and above in the short video description as to what is included in the video and what “Add Ons” you can add.
3. All text comes in the color and font shown in the video unless you request a specific font and color in the “Add Ons” section.
  • When filling out the ”Video Data” form, go to the “Comments” section if you want to change the font and/or color. NOTE: We can only change the font and colors when you have purchased the "Add Ons".
  • ONLY if we either have that font or can obtain it at no charge to us. Also, color requests MUST be accompanied by the 6 digit Hex Code of that color. (You can’t just say blue, you would need to write #0000FF)
4. After you complete the “Video Data” form your order has started to process.
  • You can expect your delivery within 3 days unless you chose the “24 Hour Rush Delivery” in the “Add Ons”, and then you will receive your order within 24 hours.
We support all languages. NOTE: Some languages like Hebrew and Arabic, for example, have reverse letters, so there is an additional charge for that.
Please DOUBLE CHECK your spelling. We will copy and paste the EXACT text or website URL that you have filled in on the “Video Data” form.
We can only include what you tell us, so if you have spelled your text or website address incorrectly, we are not responsible for that and you would need to repurchase the video if you wanted to change that.
Make sure to check our FAQ section to get answers to most of the questions you might have


You will receive your video within 24 hours instead of the standard 3 day online delivery time.
If your logo has a background (usually a white backing), this means the background will be part of your logo and will appear in the video. The reason you want to eliminate the background is so the animation effects (i.e., 3D edges or beveling) in the video can be applied to the logo by itself, not the background. This will make your logo embedded in the video animation, giving you the absolute best look possible. Usually, you can tell that your logo is transparent when it has a gray and white checkerboard background. Also, the file name might have one of the following extensions at the end: .psd, ,png, .ai, .eps, or even .pdf. If it is a JPEG or JPG, then it is most likely NOT transparent.
Click HERE to see an example.
In certain videos, you are able to change the color of text or even the background colors in which the text or logos sit on. Color add on's MUST be accompanied with the 6 digit Hex code # of that color. (You can’t just say blue, you would need to write #0000FF)
Full HD - Your video will be in Full HD (1920 x 1080) and results in a smoother, clearer image.
4K - Your video will be in 4K Ultra HD, (3840 x 2160) which is the name assigned to a screen with a resolution that’s four times that of a Full HD (1080p).
Click HERE to see an example.
Certain videos can be resized to fit on the many social media websites and apps. For instance, you may want your intro to be resized to fit an "Instagram story" layout. If you don't see the add on option for this, it is because we believe it won't work well in a few particular sizes. Nevertheless, you can always contact us for something custom!
More info HERE
When you purchase a video you will get the song and/or sound effect included. If you would like your own music and/or sound effect you would select this option.
You have the ability to change the font in certain videos. You can either send us the font or check to see if we have it!

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